How to Repair Your Cracked Windshield


Any good sunny day can turn into an awful one by a small bird or a twig. Everyone like birds but not when it is your windshield. Sometimes you don’t know what object created a spider web on your windshield. The only thing you might know is you have to check your wallet and of course a mechanic.

The windshield replacement involves finding the auto glass repair shop, alternate transportation for a couple of days, and checking the insurance premiums.

However, everyone doesn’t need to go through this. A cracked windshield is unexpected and horrible I know. But it is not hard as you think. There are a few products you can get from nearby stores and fix the crack at your place. The only expensive things you have to have are time and patience.

It really helps you cut down expenses especially when your insurance declined your claim. Typical windshield repair costs you $300 minimum but it goes even higher up to $1000 for luxury cars. Though it looks expensive you should have to treat it otherwise it will become a huge problem that costs you twice the repair cost. Apart from monetary concerns, driving a car with a broken windshield is not safe.

You don’t need to panic as we are here to help you. After you had hit on the windshield, head to your home and check the size and depth of the chip or crack. Find out if it is in safe size so you can repair it or if it was already bad that you need replacement compulsory.

A small chip can be repaired by injecting an acrylic compound into the chip and using it as adhesive. It has to be done as soon as your windshield got attacked. However, if it is possible to repair all chips at home, we may not have shops here. Just for fun. We also care about your car.

You have to accept the fact that not all chips can be fixed immediately. You might think you can fill the maximum cracks in the chip and take down the car to the road like nothing happened but it is not good for you, your car, and the people on the road.

What else you can do is go to an auto glass shop and fix the chip.

If you are a DIY person and want to learn windshield repair, this guide is for you.

Repair Kits

First, the tools, make sure you have the repair kit. The windshield crack repair kits are not profound in local stores or from auto part retailers like Walmart and Target. The procedure for the toolkit may vary but the principle is the same.

Make sure you dried the windshield before treating it.

Tool 1: Pre-mixed Adhesive

Tool 2: Two-Part Adhesive

Both types of repair kits do the job well. You have to remove the excess adhesive from the glass. The adhesive will remain clear, you get the same refractive index as before the crack, it blocks crack invisibility in most of the angles.

Things to avoid

Don’t press or put pressure on the plunger with your hand and never squeeze the adhesive or filler deeper into the glass with both of the kits. It will cause the adhesive patch to unglued and mess up the glass with adhesive.